As you know, design is not just about looks.
It's also about the structure of your site, the behaviour of the interface, and the way it is interpreted by non-humans.

A good design will not only deliver more visitors to your site but also ensure that they have a positive experience once they are there. With a clear structural framework and an intuitive interface, humans and robots alike will find exactly what you want them to.

› Build

You probably also know that a website is just a collection of linked pages, although most sites deliver dynamic content and functionality from a variety of sources on the internet.

This means that your portfolio details, your blog posts or your products and price lists are stored discreetly and displayed on request. Building your site involves writing a set of routines for how this should happen and how visitors to your site trigger these routines.

› Host

You probably didn't know that as a reseller for Zen Internet we provide economical hosting from fast and secure UK servers that perform as well as any in the business.

There are no fixed plans: hosting is tailored to the size, traffic estimates, security and email requirements of your site. And while you may never need to access 'the backend', you can still do so using cPanel and ftp if you wish. Webmail is included.

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