I'm Nicholas Garner and I run Aviation Partners.

You might think this an odd name for a design business but it once made more sense.

I live and work in London, dividing my time between paid commissions, font development and a few other things.

I'll work by the hour, by the day or by the project, whichever suits the nature of the work.

If you want to know more, you can see my cv (last updated 2002!).

All enquiries are welcome - there are plenty of ways to get in touch.


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Aviation Partners

2002 - present Communications designer/producer Codesign (Aviation Partners)
  Codesign is the online name for Aviation Partners, a design consultancy I run with Jacqueline Millar. Clients include hospitals and colleges, commercial companies and retailers, government departments and charities.
2000 - 2001 Senior designer and art director Line Communications Group Ltd (freelance)
  Development of an e-learning portal for PricewaterhouseCoopers to put training resources online. My role progressed through several stages; initial concept presentation for e-learning cycle, development of corporate style for front-end portal (as an independent tender), creation of interactive ‘proof of concept’ models for first tranche of courses and finally, management and art direction of production team (producer, researcher, designers, programmers) on early courses to establish working methods and ensure adherence to established guidelines.
1990 - 2000 Communications designer and producer Line TV Ltd (freelance)
  Working for many years as part of Line’s project development team, I also handled print and interactive design and production. I played a significant role in successful responses to Volvo Cars and BBC Worldwide, both of whom became major clients.
For Volvo we created many multi-language distance learning tools, my role being to contribute to conceptual development and subsequently to structure, design and originate many of these materials. Solutions ranged from newspapers to CD-i, the most recent being an online competence evaluation tool for sales consultants (2002).
For BBC Worldwide, I created the interactive concept and visual design for The French Experience CD-ROM (British Interactive Media Gold Award) and visual design for BBC Bitesize Revision CD-ROMs (IVCA Gold and Silver Awards), also producing the graphic assets for these projects.
I took the key design and production role in ‘The Dragon’s Ascent’, a CD-ROM about China for release with an 8-part TV documentary and book, liaising with film production units, photographers and subject experts. (IVCA Bronze Award).
1987 - 2002 Founding Partner, designer, producer Aviation Partners (current)
  Highlights from this period include the production of a permanent visitor attraction in Sicily using animatronic storyteller and multiprojection. I also produced a mixed media launch of Jetstream 2000 jet for BAe using high-power projection and 35mm cine to an audience of 2,000 incl. HM The Queen (voted Best Presentation by Audiovisual Magazine). I co-wrote and produced successful mixed media presentations for the RAF and Royal Navy travelling schools recruitment teams.
1981 - 1987 Multimedia designer freelance
  From my own studio, I worked as visualiser/producer for various London production houses (Caribiner, HPICM, EPIC, Positive Presentations etc.). I developed original crossover techniques using film, animation, tape-slide etc. to generate material for the new(er) technologies of video and videodisc. End users included IBM, British Telecom, Woolworths, Proctor & Gamble, Esso, EETPU (Electrician’s Union) and many more.
1976 -1981 Production/HR Director Media Productions Ltd
  Management responsibility, coordinating production and installation services across the company. Project highlights include car launches for British Leyland (Austin Princess, Rover and TR7), corporate redesign for BL (as SP Industries) including complete implementation guidelines, and major presentations for ICL including simultaneous multiprojection launch in 7 countries of the ME29 series mainframe computer. Also several museum multimedia installations incl. Imperial War Museum (Facism, Vietnam) and the Saudi Military Academy (History of Islam).
1973 -1976 Partner, Designer Lister Kacal
  Partnership with a graphic design colleague. Main clients incl. Hodder & Stoughton (Coronet) and London World Trade Centres Association for whom we produced extensive marketing materials to promote the redevelopment of St Katherine’s Dock, incl. multimedia presentations.
1972 -1973 Director, Producer Garner Multimedia Ltd
  Established my own company to produce audio-visual and mixed media presentations. Continued to produce ICI presentations but, after several projects for The Rank Organisation, realised that I did not (at the age of 23) possess the credibility to build the company.
1971 -1972 Presentation Designer and Producer Deryck Healey International Ltd
  Designer/producer of multiscreen presentations to convey colour and fabric design forecasts to ICI Fibres customers and their designers. I also created audio-visual scenery for several fashion shows using leading-edge technology (of the time).
1970 -1971 Graphic Designer Clark Design Group Ltd
  Exhibition, graphic and presentation design, mostly for the Central Office of Information.
1969 -1970 Graphic Designer Murdoch Design Partnership
  Corporate identity design. Shared responsibilities within a small team. Clients: Court Line (Airline and Shipping), Walls Ice Cream, Berni Inns.
1968 -1969 Salesman Commonwealth Readers Service (France and Belgium)
  Travelled extensively in France and Belgium, selling magazine subscriptions. Acquired sales and communications skills while improving my French!
1966 -1968 Design Trainee Conran Design Group Ltd
  I was fortunate to secure my first job with such a prestigious company and spent four months as a messenger before joining the graphics studio. I assisted with display presentations for corporate design projects and reproduction artwork for print, exhibitions, packaging etc. Learned essential typography and reproduction techniques.